Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Hopefully doing a trip to NYC this weekend and am very on track for 1,000 by the end of the year!

1) Berkshire Brewing - Cabin Fever - Winter Warmer - 6.3% - Nice tan color, very nice blend of malts and hops. Found this at Manchester Wines and Liquors which is now on my rotation!

2) Jackie O's - Kentucky Monk - 8.0% - Bourbon Barrel aged Tripel - Great...nice hazy orange with no head...first sniff is a load of get some faint Tripel taste, just a bit of yeast. Pretty interesting beer....these guys have been a big BA rage.

NYC trip postponed. Heading up to Springfield, MA to buy Beer wearing a Phillies hat!

3) Sierra Nevada - Ovila Quad 10.4% Bomber poured into a Chimay chalice....Nice dark brown with a thin head, a little lacing on the glass. Taste - Plum, fig, raisins, cloves and grapes, just a little tartness to balance this out. The alcohol is well hidden. Cellaring this could be interesting. This may be best fresh. This is the best of the series and I agree. Will probably buy a few more!

4) The Bruery (With Dogfish Head) Faster/Bigger/Better/Bolder...8.25%...really not sure what this is supposed to be?

5) The Bruery - 4 Calling Birds - ABV 11% - I will be close to 60 when this vertical challenge is done...that is going to be an ugly day....anyway....there is a lot of gingerbread taste in thise beer and apparently that is what they were going for. Pretty high octane....gonna take a while!

6) Cigar City - Marshall Zhukov's 11.5% = Very sweet, good night for now!

7) Ipswich 20th Anniversary Imperial Pale Ale - Not really an IPA more of a stong ale. The malt bears this out. 8.0%

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