Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekend Beer Review

OK so I have to work this issue there as I am still going to be able to pull off a little "growlering" this weekend.....hopefully closing the gap to 1000 before year end!

1) Ithaca Beer Company - Cold Front - Belgian Amber Ale - 7.2% - Not sure what causes the spiciness here but I also get a really nice dry-hopped taste. Would definitely buy again.

2) Widmer Brothers - Brrr - 7.2% - First Winter Warmer of the season...Very tasty the shocker with this brew is that it is a little hoppier then one might expect. Widmer is a brewer that doesn't get the props it deserves.

3) Samuel Adams - The Vixen - Chocolate Chili Bock - 8.5% - The Chili is in the form of cinnamon I guess....but I really like this beer....will be stocking up shortly. Batch number 1. This is a great beer beer from the godfather of brewers!

4) Sam Adams - Third Voyage - Double IPA - 8.0% - Liked the one above. Not really a DIPA here!

5) Clipper City/Heavy Seas - Greater Pumpkin - 9.0% - Bourbon barrel aged pumpkin ale...great...not too bad though...I am voting for a bourbon barrel aged pumpkin filling for a pie for Thanksgiving!

6) Kelso Brewing = Industrial IPA I think it's 9% done!

I think I may add a section called Monday addendum after the usual incoherent final Sunday review.

7) Clown Shoes - Lubrication - 6% - This brand has made it to Westchester...used to have to get this in Massachusetts. This is a tasty American Black Ale, which I consider more of a black IPA given the hops presence.

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