Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Beer Review!

Thank you to those who have served, my father, Uncle Bobby, Mr. Vinica, Don Walters, Billy Morissey, Mr. Martin these are for you.....(and do I have a line up!)

1) Sierra Nevada - Summerfest - 5.0% - It says it's a lager on the bottle but it is listed on BA as a Pilsner, who knows? What I do know is that a low amount of alcohol doesn't mean no taste!

2) The Bruery - Marron Acidifie - 8.5% - Dark Ale Sour Ale aged in Oak Barrel - Collaboration with Cigar City - Been holding on to this for a while....I'm really starting to get into these sours...this one is certainly a sipper!

3) Peak Brewing - Hop Noir - 8.2% - Black IPA - Looks likes a stout and tastes a bit more like one as well with just a little bitterness. Tasty though, easily drinkable. Beer 777, I think I have fast tracked it to 800 with some of the seasonal releases! Mix a sixes certainly help!

4) Sixpoint - The Crisp - 5.4% - These guys have just released their tasty concoction in cans. The artwork is stunning, they have a bar code label that is going to piss a lot of people off, and the beer is great. This one is a Vienna lager. Session beer's should all be like this. Sixpoint is from Brooklyn, I love that borough!

5) Riverhorse - Saison - Nice Farmhouse Ale - I could drink Saison's all day!

6) Riverhorse - American Amber which leads us to......

7) Riverhorse - Lager - Another go to beer...I'm getting lazy!

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