Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mid Week Beer Review!

Heading to a new client next Monday so took this week off. Had a very lame beer review last week. Time to make it up!

1) Sam Adam's Light 4% - One of tastiest light beers out there. I am going to be doing some session beers coming up!

2) Sam Adam's - East West Kolsch - 5.0% - Refreshing and delicious!

The battle for Dark Lord is joined! (And it has been won!)

3) Kuhnhenn - Blackberry Porter - Another tasty offering. I like the fruity taste with the chocolate undertones. This works!

4) Sierra Nevada - Best of beer camp 29 - DIPA - the Ghidorrah from Decicco's. Alex said they changed the recipe, So I am re reviewing this. Somewhere between a Celebration and a Torpedo and that is a great thing!

5) Sam Adams - Summer Ale - nice light ale with a bit of lemon. This actually may be my go to summet beer (until I change my mind tomorrow)!

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