Monday, May 16, 2011

Time to compile!

Man 756 was kind of a lame review. Must have been the 13.5% ABV. Was going to elaborate on this one after the fact but figured I'd let the record stand as is!

The way I am going to pick up an easy 5 more is the new Sam Adam's release Latitude 48 IPA - Deconstructed where they brew a single hop version using Hops that are grown at the 48th Latitude. This is an outstanding idea by Sam and I may pick up another 12 pack in short order! (Freshness date says this should be good for the Fourth of July!)

1) Sam Adam's Latitude 48 - Hallertau Mittelfrueh - 6.0% Going to try and see if I can distinguish these but we will see. This hop to me is a bit sticky sweet. Am interested to see where this review goes. Hopefully better than the last one!

2) Sam Adam's Latitude 48 - Zeus - 6.0% - So far this one is ahead as I like the little more bitterness to the sweetness noted above. Need to find the one with that Citrus balance!

3)Sam Adam's Latitude 48 - Simcoe - 6.0% - Tasty but Zeus is still ahead. This is a little more bitter but with a real pronounced grapefruit zest taste. Still haven't gotten the Citrus balance that I want! Should finish these tomorrow!

4) Sam Adam's Latitude 48 - Ahtanum - 6.0% - Isn't this the 3rd Pharaoh or something like that? Anyway Zeus is still ahead but this one is nice. This might be the IPA to introduce to non beer geek friends.

5) Sam Adam's Latitude 48 - East Kent Goldings - 6.0% - Too malty Zeus wins! I definitely recommend the 12 pack for the deconstructed series!

6) Sam Adam's - Wee Heavy (Imperial) - 10% - Not a huge fan of the style (Scotch Ale) but this is one of the better one's. The Beer Advocate rating is way too low. This is not an overpowering malt bomb and is insanely drinkable.

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