Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Oh Well....wanted to see if Adam reads this blog...he will get it fast...

1) Peak Organic - King Krimson - An Imperial Red Ale - 8% - Don't get much of the hops and may be a bit too malty for me. That's the con, the plus is that this is nicely fresh.I actually had this on tap at Mudville 9. I wonder if they had Tarkus on their juke box?

2) Pretty Things - Field Mouse's Farewell - 7% - This is a very nice light saison. By light I meen no huge peppery taste. Nice beer, this husband and wife team remain two of my favorites! Great people.

3) Berkshire Brewing - Shabadoo Balck and Tan Ale - 6.3% - Have not reviewed a lot from this brewery, may really need to do more. Nice silky beer, has a mild porter taste, a little vanilla. At 3.99 a bomber, not bad!

4) Full Sail Hop Pursuit - American Pale Ale - 6% - Another one of this is what beers should be....beers. Fresh bitter hops, clean finish!

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