Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Damn Blogger messed me up yesterday!

1) Pretty Things - Once Upon a Time 12-6-1855 - East India Porter - 6% They say that most of the English Beers shipped to India (hence IPA) were porters so they brewed a porter based on what would have been available in 1855. Not sure about the history of all this but it is fun to try new styles and see someone push the envelope. The brewer is fun to talk to! This is beer 750. On my way to Hank! (most likely next week). I do though have the beer that will be 800 in the house!

2) Captain Lawrence - Saison - Not sure of the ABV would guess 6 to 7%. They just released this and I picked up a growler at DeCicco's. Tasty classic Saison style, love the funkiness! This style has really grown on me. By the way, I may meet and pass Hank tomorrow as I found an absolute classic way to inflate the numbers! Hey, I am a compiler!

3)Captain Lawrence - Fresh Chester Pale Ale - 5.6% - I am pretty sure I had this with MC at a cask fest at Rattle n Hum a couple of years ago. Don't remember being overly impressed then but this is very nice. I'm guessing it was a fresh keg tap at DeCicco's. You can't go wrong with the Captain!

3) BluePoint Pale Ale - 5.0% Nice hoppy presence!

4) Wachusett - Belgian Style White - 4.5% - Nice refreshing Belgian Wheat Ale. Nicy spicy banana/peach taste. That is beer 754. Got a couple of big ones coming to tie and pass Hank!

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