Monday, May 23, 2011

During the week beer review

Had a couple of sessions hanging aound and may go to the city this weekend and try to find some Sixpoint in cans.

1) Buffalo Bill's Brewery - Alimony Ale - 6.8% - OK maybe not a session ale. Different type of IPA as the malts were very pronouced against the hoppy bitterness. Not quite sure how this got to Connecticut but glad it did!

2) Southampton - Biere De Mars - 6.5% - I was off on the sessioniability wasn't I - Anyway nice Farmhouse ale. Bready malts and honey. Would buy again!

3) Smuttynose - Summer Weizen 5.5% - Tasty Summer beer (had on the first night it seems like summer). I am going to have to try some more of these summer beers as they will get me closer to 800 and I have been neglecting the style (my fault).

4) Saranac - Hefeweizen - Another Summer Beer, per review of my records I have not reviewed enough from these folks. That stops now. Again, I really like this style.

5) Saranac - Kolsch - Nice light lager..good night!

Coninuing on then....

6) Harpoon Summer - Another Kolsch...Summer might not be that bad of a season for beer.

And then the insanity begins!

7)Widmer Brothers - Galaxy Hopped Barleywine Ale - 9.5% My type of summer drink! This is actually kind of tasty, the alochol sets in but you don't get that malt bomb as the hops are really present. Might want to age a bottle of this!

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