Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Going to continue with the sessions and then hopefully build up to a couple of big boys pre Derby!

1) Victory Headwaters Pale Ale - 5.1% - East Coast version of SN PA. Grassy hops and easily drinkable. Certainly one of those beers that you can transition someone to craft! Beer 741...getting close to Hank!

2) Harpoon Oyster Stout - 5.1% - Tasty but not sure what the Oysters do!

3) Dogfish Head - Hellhound on My Ale - 10% - This is very good not sure if you can get in CT yet. Kind of like a high test summer shandy! This was released by Dogfish to commemorate the 100th birthday of Robert Johnson. Well done. The bottle artwork is fantastic. This is a keeper!

4) Sierra Nevada - Beer Camp 37 - Weizenbock - 6.8% - Nice take on the style. I have had Aventinus and this is a much lighter version. I like the beer camp concept that SN has done. Hope they continue with it.

5) Sierra Nevada - Beer Camp 16 - Juniper Black Ale - 8% - Interesting type of beer. Chocolate Malt with some gin type flavor (I guess from the Juniper). I thought it was a black IPA but apparently it is a Winter Warmer. Nice beer!

6) Sierra Nevada - Beer Camp # 8 - California Common - 6.5% - Never heard of the style called California Common. Guess it had to do with the brewing method. Could also be called a steam beer but that is trademarked by Anchor. Who knew!

7) City Steam - Naughty Nurse - Nice to review something in state (but do have to admit that English Bitter is not my favorite style). Anyway need to go for a growler soon.

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