Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Beer Review!

I don't think buying beers on Ebay is a path I want to be going down, but the horse has left the barn!

1) Widmer Brothers - Nelson Imperial IPA 8.6% - Ha Ha! Just the famous Nelson quote from the Simpson's. This is a very solid DIPA. Access to this brewery is a bit spotty in CT. I need to get some more of their brews as this is quite tasty!

News note - Apparently we live in the golden age of beer. Nice.

2) Cavalry Brewing - Marauder IPA - Abv unknown. Kind of a weird beer. A little malty no real hops presence. I saw a review that called it an unsweetened Ice Tea and I thought that was accurate.

3) Boulder Beer Company Hoopla Pale Ale - 5.7% Brewed for a Music Festival in Colorado, release dated May to September 2011 so I was very surprised to find this in New Haven, Connecticut. This pours a nice amber color, two finger head. Hops are slight and bitter, mostly malty taste. Nice beer to kick off a Sunday....could see myself going back to this over the summer. First beer I have added to Beer Advocate!

$) Southern Tier = Cuvee 3 Way too sweet. Done!

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