Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Beer Review!

First off raise a toast to the late great Billy Morissey, you'll be missed.

Went on a bit of a beer excursion to Bellport Cold Beer & Soda out on the Island. The owner Dave is a great guy who helped me out finding a rarity (which will be reviewed later on this month as part of a liver busting beer review!). I did spend a couple of dollars at his store. He threw in nice t-shirt and a 2006 Celebration Ale (that should be interesting). His blog is well worth a bookmark. He is a beer geek and enjoys spending time with his customers.

Update: check his blog I've been elected "Beero" of the week!

1) Greenport Harbor Brewing Company - Disorient IPA - Good solid American IPA. What this is is Long Islands Sea Hag. Glad to try something local and not readily available. This was via a growler. I love Growlers!

2) Nebraska Brewing Co - 10.0% - Wow = Their traditional Belgian IPA aged in Chardonnay barrels - Tasty but hard to finish given the ABV. You can only have one!

3) Braurei Schoenram Schoenram Gold - 6.0 % A nice light lager that I picked up during one of my many trips to Whole Foods Bowery. They were doing a tasting and I said hey why not pick up a bottle.

4) G. Schneider & Sohn - Aventinus - 8.2% - Dopplebock - This is an outstanding beer the fruit and spice tastes works very well. I'm going to have to see when this is on tap at Zum's. I think there was an earlier beer post of mine that mentioned that the German's brewed strong beer during lent to help them through the season. Rascally krauts, always trying to get you to join the party (probably only Adam will get the TV show reference)

5) Arcadia Ales - Hop Rocket - 9.0% Wow this says it is 9.0% on BA did not seems it as I was drinking a couple on Metro North. This might be one of the better double IPA's you can get in the North East. Having a couple of these would be easy but not wise.

6) Mikkeller Warrior Single Hop - 6.90% I like this better than the Simcoe. I think I've cleared all the Single Hop varities now!

7) Pretty Things - Fluffy White Rabbits - 8.50% - Where's Grace Slick? I'll tell you I like beers that go for the knockout blow fast. This is subtle. I really like the Peach flavor!


Adam said...

Whilst on the island, did you go to South Hampton Publick House?

Jimmy said...

No but that will be in the plan. Picked up their imperial porter though