Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting a Growler fill was not in the plans today!

So I got a growler fill!

1) Brooklyn Brewery - Blast - Their DIPA only available on tap (thanks for the fill Deciccos )I've had this before (first time at home) BB should bottle this and make it more available. Good beer should be shared!
This is what I consider a West Coast DIPA. Citrus flavors are great. I think it is 8% which you can't taste at all.

By the way this year's vacation is going to be nicknamed Beer Trek. May go to more breweries and beer stores than ballparks.

2) Ommegang - Belgian Pale Ale - 6.2 % - Very good beer, very light. I think of my trip to Cooperstown those many years ago when Adam & the Gator sent me to Ommegang to pick some beers up for them!

3) Ommegang Tripel Perfection - The day is done! Great beer!

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