Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Midweek Beer review

'Ceptin its only Tuesday. Oh well...

1) Anderson Valley - 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA - 8.7% - Not sure where I picked this up but this is a mild IPA, not very hoppy at all. Pretty mellow. I know I have had this brewers beers before when I was in California (or America's Greece). This is number 393 to the march to 400. Might get there this weekend...might not.

2) Moylans - Old Blarney Barleywine Style Ale - Is having a Ketel One chaser a tactical error. No as I am behind a computer! Great beer got this at State Line I think. Very tasty...4:33 looks ugly!

3) Rogue Brewing - Double Mocha Porter - 8.2% - Rogue can be a hit or miss at times...this is a hit. Only complaint just a bit too carbonated. This would be perfect on cask.

4) Laughing Dog Brewing - Devil Dog - Imperial IPA - Nice big beer 10.0% ouch. Has a bit of a vodka taste to it almost. Big old hops! This is beer 396! Getting real close to 400. I'm an Accountant, I can tell! By the way I can predict confidently more ugliness with 397.


Adam said...

I'm so glad you've come around. I recall when you once described "on cask" as being nothing but "warm and flat".

I plan to post soon of my travels with the Gator to Cooperstown. Stay tuned.

Jimmy said...

This is not a healthy hobby, but one to be pursued none the less. I do remember that cask ale comment. I will ammend it at this some are better than others!