Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend beer review!

There is nothing good that can happen by attending NY Brewfest 2010. That's why I'm going.

Went to DeCicco's for a growler and came away with 2. I think I am going to adopt this growler strategery going to buy several of the 32 oz. varieties so I can pick up a couple at once. Two 64's may be a bit much!

1) Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary - Fritz & Ken's Ale - American Imperial Stout - 9.2%. Spoke to the Gator who wasn't that thrilled with it. I actually do like it (and I won't use the Saul Alinsky/Obama like nastiness against the Gator!). It is a bit bitter but I think that I got this from a growler fill and the beer had warmed up a bit might have helped tone it down. Anyway a couple of bottles will be going into the cellar as Gator was right when he said it should age for a bit.

2) Bear Republic - Five Zero - 7.7% Light citrus taste... a bit watery..but almost 8%?

3) Defiant Brewing - Belgian Style Triple Ale 9.0% - Very good beer. Very fruity taste. Crip & clear. Could drink a few of these which might not be bright given the ABV. This isn't that far away in NY. A roadtrip may seriously be in order. This is the first in my haul from Bellport!

4) The Lost Abbey - 10 Commandments - 10.0% Belgian Strong Ale - Brewed with raisins, honey & rosemary. Really get the rosemary taste to offset the raisin and honey taste. Very good beer - got this at Table and Vine. Too little time and too many beer road trips to go on.

5) Port Brewing - Hop 15 Ale - 10.0% Great DIPA the sweetness and bitterness combined is great. Probably the closest thing to Pliney you can get on the East Coast. Another Table & Vine got!

6) Port Brewing - Old Viscosity - 10.0% - American Strong ale - Wow. This is like drinking a beer martini, but the funny thing is I get these soft milk stout tones. But it works! Getting close to the 400th beer. Should be done by next week.

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