Monday, May 31, 2010

Special Memorial Day Beer Review!

Thanks and good bless to all who have served. This is for you.

1) Founders - Kentucky Breakfast Stout - 11.2% - Enjoying this in a brandy snifter. Jet black look, no head whatsoever, mild carbonation. The nose is definitely coffee.
The taste is strong coffee followed up by chocolate then vanilla.
The finish is a nice bourbon but I do have to say the alcohol is not overpowering.
Without a doubt one of the best beers I have had and it is well worth the hype.

Thanks to Dave of Bellport for this.

2) New England Brewing - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Trooper - ABV? - During a visit to the brewery in January I witnessed the barrel that this gem was being aged in glad I've had a chance to try this.

Nice creamy head to this pour the vanilla flavor really comes through along with the roasted malts, mild chocolate, but hey what's this?....there is a nice bit of hoppiness for balance.

The bourbon taste is very slight, kind of curious as to what the ABV is.

Think I'll save the second bottle for Christmas!

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