Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beerus Interuptus!

Woke up yesterday and decided I wanted to go roam around the East Village. Kind of a sperm of the moment thing as Archie Bunker might say. Roaming was of course a natural thing to want to do when the weather forecast called for rain all day but the weather turned out very good. Of course with all that wandering a thirst was going to develop. A couple of places of note were visited. A Paddy something or other on 2nd around 27 or 28th. It bills itself as the worlds only all Guinness draft bar. Don't know if they are the worlds only but all they did have on draft was Guinness. Had the 250 Anniversary offering on tap which was very good, although I still maintain that Americans make better stouts.

The Waterfront Alehouse was a place that I had wanted to go for a while. Unfortunately it is not in my logical walking pattern during the week so a special trip needed to be made. Good place although I wish the bartender spent more time paying attention to the glasses of his patrons rather than washing the one's behind the bar. Had a paradoxically named Imperial Mild on Cask from the Chelsea brewing company. This was 11.5% and superb! Probably can't make that one a habit.

I noticed on the board behind the bar that the Waterfront offers absinthe cocktails. The absinthe is purportedly real but just looked way to strong for me. I texted MC that absinthe was available. We traded some messages the last from MC saying we should try the stuff. Not sure if that is one of his better ideas. Actually I am reasonably confident that it isn't!

Well hopefully I will get to the regular beer review soon.


mc said...

All things in moderation Jimmy, including moderation!!

Is it possible to flirt with the green fairy and not make tactical errors?

Only one way to find out!

Adam said...

I found Absinthe to be a bit underwhelming.Then again, it has a lot of hype to live up to.I'll definitely do it again.Salvia, as well.
Here's an old absinthe related post.