Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

Better late than never!

1) Southern Tier - Mokah - Stout brewed Chocolate & Coffee - 11% ABV - Had this on tap at the Spring Street lounge. This is basically chocolate milk for adults. The ideal breakfast would be this and Cocoa Puffs...I am sure that that would not be low glycemic.

2) Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout - 7.0% ABV - Another reason not to bemoan the passing of Guinness's 250th Anniversary Stout.

3) Lagunitas - Little Sumpin - 7.3% Wheat Beer - Very good - I finally understand adding citrus flavors to beer.


Adam said...
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Adam said...

I seldom (almost never) add citrus to my beer--I prefer to taste the yeast strain--however, when I do add it, I choose the orange wedge over the lemon or lime.
As I general rule, if I want fruit in my beer, I'll have a lambic.

alfred said...

Citrus and beer can be good, especially at breakfast time.When I was in college, we mixed it with Tang.We called it "Space Beer".