Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

OK it's official after months of deliberation and millions of liver cells killed, d.b.a is my favorite bar in Manhattan with the Tiger being a close second. Probably the two things that tipped in d.b.a's favor is their scotch selection as well as the East Village is my favorite area of the city. Have actually become fascinated with Zum Schneider which is near by. A good and boisterous Bavarian Bierhaus.

1) Young's Old Nick - Barley Wine - This was from 2007. This is from 2007 and has aged very well. Smooth, kind of like a dark rum for want of a better comparison.

2) Goose Island - Oatmeal Stout - 5.1% ABV - A British Style stout. For those clamoring over Guinness's 250th anniversary stout get some of this. Won't have to wait another 250 years!

3) Otter Creek - Russian Imperial Stout - 10.5% ABV This is a great stout. Shock though that something called Russian Imperial would come out of the peoples Republic of Vermont.


Adam said...

Old Nick was the first barley wine that I ever tasted.It seems a lifetime ago, now.In many ways, I suppose it was.

mc said...

I still want to walk from 125th to the new stadium. Even if I can't afford to by a 2,500 dollar ticket.

Yes, Jimmy. I believe the beerfest is next weekend. I will email you a confirmation and we can figure i all out.