Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Beer Review continued

MC's comments about absinthe (and I paraphrase) all things in moderation including moderation are scary indeed! That could be a sick trip to the city. Might need Swanny to chaperone! Anyway

2) Continuing from Friday - Abbaye de Saint Bon - Chien Grand Cru - Too fruity once again. 11.5% abv. This will hurt tomorrow but I think a good one is coming up!

3) And since I stacked the deck - Malheur 12 Dark Ale - 12% ABV Dark Ale - Bottle Conditioned - I may commit heresey here, but this would give Rochefort 10 a run for its money. Great beer.

4) St. Benardus Pater 6 -I bought this as a 4 pack with a couple of other offerings as I wanted to get the chalice that was included. Happy to drink this.

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