Friday, May 15, 2009

24 Prediction! We'll see what happens

Against overwhelming odds (of course) Jack will free Tony to save Kim (she really is annoying isn’t she!) Kim of course won’t be freed. Tony survives till next year.

Jack will obviously be taken into custody immediately; Jack will finally trust someone and will confess to.....Renee why he freed Tony. Jack will be despondent about being on deaths door and not being able to save his daughter.

Off topic: Aaron Pierce will gain the tapes that implicate Olivia Taylor in murder. He will destroy them! They will be an item next year.

Jack will be held, almost on death row until Renee intervenes with President Taylor.

President Taylor says she will certainly pardon Jack posthumously, but there is nothing that can be done now as his source for stem cells, Kim is gone.

Someone, will suggest (Obi-Wan to Yoda…there is another!) Jack’s granddaughter Terri!

President Taylor in a heartfelt phone call with Jack convinces him he needs to get the stem cell treatment to save his daughter and the country from certain attack from the shadowy group.... Jack agrees!.

Last scene…Jack boarding Air Force 1…..cut to the baby in California….see you next January!

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Jimmy said...

For my next set of tricks i will be predicting pwerball numbers