Sunday, March 1, 2009

Illustrated beer review!

Ahhh beer.....

1) Two Brothers Brewing Co. Heavy Handed - IPA 6.7% ABV - Very drinkable IPA, have been eyeing this at the Whole Foods Market on E. Houston for a while. Glad I got it. Similar to a Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA. The big stuff is next.

2) New England Brewery - Imperial Stout Trooper - This is a Russian Imperial Stout. Very smooth, not as sweet as a Brooklyn Chocolate Stout. A bit smokey as well. Not sure of the ABV. Boughtt this in NYC & have been looking for this for a while. Glad I found it.

3) Goose Island Brewing - Pere Jacques - 9% ABV. The story on the bottle was that they went to a bunch of breweries in Belgium but could not get into a Trappist one. When they finally found someone who would let them in a Trappist Brewery, they named this beer after him. Sounds like a good story! Very good beer.

4) Arcadia Brewing Company - Cereal Killer - Gotta like the name. Didn't realize that this was a barleywine. I moved it from a pint glass to a brandy snifter. I am turning in to a real beer geek!

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