Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let the drinking commence!

I've walked, taken the contacts out and have thrown the cars keys into the neighbors yards in case I am tempted to go somewhere.

Starting off with the Ommegang Three Philosophers - 9.8% ABV - I've reviewed this before and I do really like it (hopefully that is what I said in my initial review). I thank Adam for his thoughtful comment, the reason I didn't go for the Abt 12 is that it said (on the label) I swear that it was a Dubbel. Oh well, I think I get now the broad mouth glass, where you can get the aroma as well as the taste at the same time. I also thank Alfred for his delightfully abrasive comment. Alfred is always welcome at Jimmy!

Have gone now to the St. Bernardous Tripel, I think I am starting to figure out the styles now.

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