Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

Starting a little late, but I have tomorrow off. Went on to Ebay, bought a bottle of Westvleteren 12 and a regulation glass. Should be an interesting post in a couple of weeks.

1) Sierra Nevada Early Spring Beer - Nice light beer (ABV 5.9%). I think the Gator has it right that the Sierra Nevada brand should be your normal drinking beer. Have yet to see the Torpedo though.

2) Southern Tier Brewing - Oak Aged Unearthly IPA. 11% ABV - Obviously big but very smooth. I like Southern Tier I might take a ride up there.

3) Stone Brewing - Ruination IPA - One of the good things about working in NYC is getting beers that you can't get in CT. 7.7% ABV - a bit more of a bite than the Southern Tier offering above. This has prompted a comparison with a Dogfish 90. Dogfish wins, much smoother!

4) Left Hand Brewing - Saw tooth Ale Another mild ale, thank god!

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Adam said...

My supermarket carries the Ruination in 16.9oz bottles.--I've heard good feedback on the Torpedo, yet to try it.--Keep me in the loop re Southern Tier.