Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Green Footballs

Has jumped the shark, they are to creationism what Andrew Sullivan is to homosexuality. Used to be good topics on the blogs but they got very myopic. Bye!


Adam said...

I've noticed that too.
Pity, as I finally registered last month, and have had little op to post a comment there.

mc said...

Wow! Thank you for calling that one Jimmy!

Yeah. The enemy here at home is in the dusty plains of the southwest ready to jump up and strangle our reasoning method...Just as soon as Allah's dust settles.

Mr. Johnson, your certainty has given way to it's own conspiriocity. Can you say Kristrotifocate?

alfred said...

Say it??
I don't even know what it mean.
I done told you befour MC, We don't all watch Frasier.