Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

Good to know that the Gator enjoyed his maiden voyage to the Blind Tiger! I gotta take him to Spitzers Corner which I know he would like. Let's go Huskies (both Men & Women) and away we go!

1. St. Bernardus - Wit 5.5% abv - White Ale very carbonated, cloudy....this would be a very good summer beer. It says you can store this for 2-3 years. This one had a life at Jimmy of about 4 days. Glad that the abv is low as I have a couple of power houses coming.

2. Southern Tier Brewing Company - phin & matt's extraordinary ale - 5.6% abv - Excellent American Pale Ale. I have only had their big beers before and have found this a great change of pace. Again, quickly becoming my favorite brewer.

3. Troegs Hopback Amber Ale - 6.0% abv -very similar to phin & matts. I guess spring is the time for hops!

4. Sam Adams - Imperial Stout - I may be wrong but I am dividing stouts betwixt coffee style and chocolate style. Good beer ....still hate Boston!

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