Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend Beer Review

1) Rogue - Shakespeare Stout - 'tis the season for stouts I guess. I like the Rogue stuff and this in no exception. It says it has a chocolate taste but I thought it was more coffee like. Anyway I liked it and recommend it.

Victory Brewing - Old Horizontal - 'tis the season for barleywines I guess. 11% abv and disturbingly subtle. I can see being horizontal with this!

3) Green Flash Brewing Co. Trippel - Very good Belgian offering. 8.5% ABV.

4) Finally getting to the beers I brought back from Syracuse. Middle Ages Brewing Wailing Wench I had this as cask conditioned ale at the Blue Tusk. Still am not sure what cask conditioning is supposed to do but I really like this one!

5) Another Middle Ages Offering, Dragon Slayer Imperial Stout, I feel like I am back in the 80's when Dungeons & Dragons was hot with the MA names. That said a very good stout 9.5% ABV. Another coffee style beer!

6) Finishing up on the Middle Ages Brewing brews - Druid Fluid. Their barleywine, Very good!


mc said...

big old horizontal fan.

Really yummy and indeed misleading, could lead to equilibrium issues.

Adam said...

All fine selections (except#3-I've yet to try, so can't comment).
These colder days are made foe Barley wines and imperial stouts.
When last I was in Syracuse, I enjoyed the Druid Fluid so immensely that I nearly missed Armory Square.
A quick nap in Liverpool, and a cab ride later, I was good as new and ready to roll.And roll I did.
I miss Terry's beer trips.