Friday, November 7, 2008

The Messiah is an Idiot

Via VodkaPundit.. Apparently Barry O. is going to require compulsory community service. Since most Americans I know can't wait to start the simplest of civic obligations (Jury Duty) this should be fun. And "W' was supposedly stupid. By the way can we pay people to do our community service? I know nit wits in Black Rock who have contributed nothing to society, maybe there should be a correlation to community service and what you actually produce.

Update: I am the designated driver for tonight's Gov't Mule show. Does that count as community service?


mc said...

I lover your comment over at Green's!

alfred said...

Nit wits is right.Black Rock is full of scum.I'll stay in the North End, where people have (at least some)class.

Adam said...

Me thinks this chosen one is in for a rude awakening.