Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't know it it's over yet

Have been watching Pajamas Media TV for most of the night but will defer to Powerline's judgement here. So congratulations to President-Elect Obama and I hope that his tenure for four years shows the same number of terrorist attacks on America since 9/11/01 under President Bush, namely zero. Update just heard a bunch of fireworks outside so I think I have received the wireless aural confirmation that I was looking for!


alfred said...

Ain't shit over yet! We now move to the next phase and fight them on their own ground--Tie it up in the courts!(and ready the impeachment papers!).I personally refuse to EVER accept him as my president.To admit defeat is to surrender this nation.And speaking of PJTV, what was up with that guy (on the left with the tie)"washing Barry's balls" when the (tragic) victory began to look imminent? Sirhan Sirhan, please pick up the red coutesy phone!

Adam said...

If it is truly, finally over, I wish for two things; I hope that the Obama supporters don't carry on and gloat like a bunch of Red Sox fans, and I hope they have decent food in the re-educaton centers.