Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Beer Review

Didn't do much drinking yesterday as I was the designated driver for the Mule Show. I do have an arsenal in the refrigerator though so tomorrow could be interesting. As an aside, the beer review goes on a road show next week as I am heading to Syracuse for the Uconn/Syracuse football game. I will be visiting Armory Square where I intend on going to the Blue Tusk, Clark's Ale House & Empire Brewing Company. I will surely stop at Galeville Grocery to have some reinforcements at the hotel room. That said I do have some items to report on this week so away we go!

1) Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale. Very nice & Spicy. Gator gave me this one which I cracked as soon as I turned off the ignition yesterday.

2) Rogue Yellow Snow IPA
- Rogue always comes through. Very hoppy. I don't undersatnd their labels though.

3) Brooklyn Brewery - Winter Ale - At first I didn't like this. I think it was because I did not let this properly chill. I let this last beer from the six pack chill overnight and that was the issue. I really did like it. Very nice, nutty robust flavor.

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Adam said...

Armory Sq. is awesome.I was there nearly 10 years ago, and now it seems way too long.The Blue Tusk is a must!Also may I suggest Clarks Ale House (home of 22 taps & 1 sandwich).When in Syracuse, you should go to Middle Ages.They have many fine brews.Standouts are the ImPaled Ale, The Dragon Slayer, and (esp.) The Druid Fluid (barley wine).