Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Beer review - All Weekend Edition!

This is going to be an epic, check back for updates.

Added the picture above,stopped by Carlson Craft Brewery today (Sat 11/29)and met brewmaster Andrew Carlson and his wife. Had a brief sampling of beer (His great Gammal Ol). As is my want I bought a t-shirt and a pint glass (you can't have too many pint glasses). Anyway for a bag for my items they gave me an empty 25kg Gambrinus Specialty Malt sack. I gotta figure out what to do with it so it is properly utilized in the beer cave! The Carlson's are very nice and I recommend a trip to see them.

1) Carlson Craft Brewery - Yule Ale - From Branford, CT nice mellow seasonal offering this would be great with a big piece of Chocolate Cake.

2)Avery Brewing - Old Jubilation Ale - Great coffee finish 8% ABV. Avery is a great brewery.

Southern Tier Krampus coming next after Thanksgiving Dinner. They suggest that this should be enjoyed in a Brandy Snifter. I actually have one of those. Will see how it works!

3) Southern Tier Brewing - Krampus Imperial Helles Lager. Very hoppy, 9.0% ABV. Very good & aromatic.

4) Samuel Adams - Chocolate Bock - 5.5% ABV. An adult Chocolate Milk!

5) Southern Tier Brewing Company - Cuvee Series 1 - I am sure we will get a lesson from Adam as to what a Cuvee style is.
This is very mellow but with an 11% ABV very potent! This is Oak Aged and I very well may have had this in a brandy snifter. Series 2 and 3 to come out later 08 beginning 09.

Went on a beer buying binge today so will be back with some more reviews later on (i.e. probably tomorrow)

6) Chimay Blue. I keep a detailed list of the beers I have tried & reviewed and was surprised that this had not been included. 9.0% abv very malty extremely rich. I need to try the other varieties as well.

7) Great Divide Brewing Company - Fresh Hop Pale Ale - 6.1% ABV According to their label, this is supposed to taste grassy & citrusy, you know what they are right. This is a great beer! Well done!


mc said...

Krampus makes for sick imagery, have you googled up the info on the term's history?

Mr. Bobowick, I know you read this blog, happy Thanksgiving sir!

Jimmy said...

There was some history on Krampus on the bottle. This is not a healthy hobby.

Adam said...

Cuvee can be sort of a broad term, like when a brewer uses"Grand Cru", or "Reserve" in the name of a beer.In this case, and most often it refers to wood-barrel-aged brews in which the flavor of the base beer and that of the vessel blend to create a new flavor.Often with continued, or secondary fermentation.
It's all in the aging.
...or something like that.

Is Andrew's wife named Sara?

Jimmy said...

It might be Gretchen