Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Armory Square

Had the pleasure of going to Armory Square in Syracuse the Friday before the Syracuse/Uconn Football game. My favorites in order are as follows:

1) Empire Brewing Company - Had a great IPA, good stout and a barleywine. I went back for a second time to finish the night off with the barleywine. I think that was the one the put me over the edge.

2) Blue Tusk - Had a couple of beers here. Very busy place. Had an Ommegang Rouge which was something fruity. I don't see this on their website so hopefully i am remembering tis correctly. I also had a Cask Conditioned Wailing Wench from Middle Ages Brewing. Not sure what the point of that was as I thought it was just warm and flat.

3) Clarks Ale House - Had something very hoppy there. Really liked it and I wish I had written down what it was. Very laid back crowd. Cool bartenders.

4) Syracuse Suds Factory - Had a nice stout there.

Glad I cabbed it back and forth as there is no way I could have driven back!