Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Beer Review

This will be a little light on specifics as I went to the Great World Beer Festival Brewtopia 6 yesterday at Pier 92 in NYC. I had bought a ticket for the 12-4 session. I got there around noon and when I saw the line I figured I would get in around 3pm! I was wrong the line really moved and soon I was in and the drinking started! I do have to say the people running this really did a great job. Brewtopia is the brain child of the Reichenbach bothers who own Hop Devil Grill & David Copperfields. As I entered the hall I was given a glass that I guess based on the markings was only to be filled to 2 oz. but most of the brewers blew that hindrance off. I had offerings from Brooklyn Brewery, Flying Dog, Schmaltz, Stone Brewing, Belfast Bay Brewing and so many others. I probably stayed 1.5 hours as I was starting to feel the effects of doing the 2 oz. beer shooters. I actually found a real useful website the Gotham Imbiber from reading some of the literature there. This was the first beer fest that I have been to and hopefully it is not the last. Just too make sure I didn't loose the buzz on the way back I stopped at St. Andrews for a Chimay and a single malt. I did have some beers left over from Half Time last week and bought a few new one's so here goes:

1) Victory Hop Wallop - 8.5% ABV very Hoppy as the title would have you believe. Very good.

2) Gritty McDuff's Christmas Ale Very good and robust! From Portland, Maine. By the way I heard Carlson Craft Brewery is coming out with a Christmas Ale as well. Can't wait to try it!

3) Rogue - Red Fox Amber Ale they don't even have this listed on their site. Very tasty and aromatic.

4) Steamworks Conductor Imperial IPA. Drank this last night after coming back from Brewtopia. Don't remember it!

5) SlyFox - IPA. It is Sunday and I remember this one. Very good.

6) Victory - Baltic Thunder. A nice Porter. 8.5% ABV. There is a great line from "The Quiet Man" relative to Porter. Enjoyed this as well.

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Adam said...

I'm a big fan of the 'Wallop, as well as the majority of other offerings that come from Victory.