Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is a good sign (and expected)

Caught this from AOL. After Barry's wowing the international set there was no expected bounce in the polls so the MSM could pre-emptively declare the election all but over. Predictably from the same article this is the reason the annointed one isn't 50 points ahead:

“The real question is why is Obama then underperforming?” Iyengar added. “There is something about Obama that is causing something of drag.” Iyengar believes that something is Obama’s race.
Several pollsters agreed that race is a significant factor in this election, though they count others of roughly equal influence.
“This may sound kind of harsh, but if the Democratic nominee were a white male from a red or purple state, the theory would be dead on that this would be set up, there would be a very, very high probability for a Democratic landslide,” said Brad Coker, the managing partner of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research.

The foundation is being laid that if Barry is not elected we are all a bunch of evil white racists.

An interesting commentary is posted on NRO
that states that America can survive a President Obama, while burying the race relations question. Not sure if I agree with that but I have to think about it some more.


Adam said...

I don't feel evil.

mc said...

We all know that if Obama wins it will in no way represent a post racist construct for the media. They will never relinquish race as a bludgeon upon those who wish live a life free of Government intrusion. For the MSM and liberals Government=OmniAnswer. So we get this: Obama wins=miracle inspiration in a racist society.

Obama loses=Racist society must be subdued.