Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This looks interesting

Dark Star Orchestra at the Klein in November. $36 to see any band is not bad.


Adam said...

$36 for a COVER BAND?! These guys should stay home and try writing some songs instead of charging such a fee.Don't get me wrong, they're good but it's something that should be $5 down at the local pub.Maybe $10 at Toad's.Would you pay $36 to see All The Above?Sure you'll get all the hippies saying that DSO is 'carryin the torch bro', but what it really is is a pachoule drenched Beatlemania.If they were as talented as their fans would have you believe, they wouldn't have to ape the Dead and parasitically ride the coat-tails of that once great now defunct ensemble.It would be a great(fun) time I'm sure, esp in that fine venue, but $36 is steep for a tribute concert by some clones.

mc said...

So what do you think Adam? Is is worth it?

Jimmy said...

I guess not!

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Did you end up going?
Here's a link to that show.
Ironically, I was at the Dead show they recreated.
My ticket for the real band was $10 cheaper.