Sunday, August 3, 2008

We interrupt this Vacation Photo Exchange

For Sunday Beer Review!!!!

Dirty Penny Ale - Olde Burnside Brewing, Hartford, CT Nice Brown Ale from Hartford. Support Local Brewers! This came in a half gallon growler jug. Should be an interesting week. This was a Mo's recommendation.

Mestophiles Stout - Avery Brewing, Colorado....A state I was just in (along with a few others). 16.03% ABV. Very Good, tomorrow looks ugly will be on instinct!

Maredsous Triple - Fermented in the bottle. 10% ABV Outstanding!


mc said...

I have this feature permanently linked now as "Jimmy's Beer Lab"

Keep up the great work!

JB said...

I have enjoyed a Dirty Penny before... good stuff.

Adam said...

I like O.B.'s Highland Ale best. The Maredsous Triple is an excellent choice.They also have a great Dubbel.