Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Beer Review

No I haven't started yet. Returned home from the Bluefish game in a surprisingly coherent (?) mode. I have a ton of beer in the fridge and it took a herculean effort to not start early yesterday which would have disastrous. Did have one beer last night to sample:

1) Dogfish Head Aprihop - IPA brewed with Apricots. Thought this was a bit of a stretch and wasn't that impressed. However did note that their Pumpkin Ale was out and am looking forward to trying that next week.

2) Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence - I like Brooklyn Brewery's Chocolate Stout better. The fact that I had tried this before Adam boggles the mind!

3) Ithaca Beer Company - Excelsior - 9.9% - ABV Outstanding!

4) Signature Ale - A combined offering by Port Brewing Company & De 'Proef' Brouwerv (their spelling not mine) - 8.5% ABV. Not a Double or a Triple but a clear crisp Ale that is very good. I got this at a place I discovered in Milford and will provide information on them shortly.


Adam said...

1.)I'm not a fan of apricot beer(or any fruit for that matter, excluding lambics), but I feel that the Aprihop is waaay better than Magic Hat's #9, also, the 'Punkin Ale' from Dogfish Head is perhaps the best of those "pie-ales".They all have too much spice added for my liking. 2.)I've not yet tried the Chocolate Indulgence, but my experiences tell me that Ommegang is best left to making traditional Belgian-style ales. 3.)I've had and enjoyed both the Caskazilla and Flower Power from Ithaca, but not the Excelsior.It sounds quite good. I was a little unsettled once, when an Ithaca sales rep was hitting on me at Delaney's (or so it seemed).

Adam said...

I'm very intrigued by the Signature Ale.Is it similar to an Orval?I must try and find one.