Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ideal Democrat

This is great

Maysoon Abdelhady says she is the perfect Democratic National Convention delegate.
“I was recruited because I’m a woman. I’m a Palestinian. I’m a Muslim. I’m disabled and, because I’m 30 and still not married, people think I’m gay.

“I told all that to the head of the New Jersey delegation but she said, ‘Excellent — you fill every quota we have!’”

NRO Via the Newark Star Ledger

Can a Muslim be gay?

UPDATE: Hey Maysoon (if it is you) thanks for responding. As a white male (who pays a lot in taxes) I know I am not the Democrat's ideal. While I appreciate that it was a joke there is always an element of truth underlying the joke. As for a Muslim being gay, would a Muslim want to be gay in Saudi Arabia?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my joke (yes kids its a joke) from the Comedy Kabob show at the DNC. (although the reporter f'ed it up)

As for your question since Muslims are humans ofcourse they can be gay.

maysoon abdelhady

alfred said...

Wow! She's like a cooler, hipper, more ethnic Geri Jewell. I wonder if she's gay.

mc said...

You are a 30 year old single disabled Palestinian girl. The important question is "are you single?"

Anonymous said...

Would anyone want to live in Saudi???? :)

Maysoon Abdelhady (if you want to ask for my hand)