Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Think I am going to have a special stand alone one tomorrow. Anyway, here goes!

1) Sixpoint - Six Point-Decicco Session IPA - 5.1% - This is a very sessionable IPA, nice hops, a little floral, a little malt. Good beer to get the weekend going on.

2) Sixpoint - Gemini - 10.0% Actually nice DIPA - good night!

Adding a couple more from Monday as this weekends reviews were kind of lame.

3) Otter Creek - Twentieth Anniversary Ale - 12.0% Obviously a big beer. Not sure what they were going for as this is excessively sweet. Considering cellaring a few bottles.

4) Maine Beer Company - Zoe 7.2% - I think Nugget Nectar now has a run for its money. This is a beautifully hoppy amber ale. Nice caramel malts compliment a hop heads jones. Freshness date 09.20.11! Well done.

5) Clown Shoes - Muffin Top - Belgian Style Tripel IPA - Great 10% - Man this is tasty, the bready malts are really jazzed up with the American Hops. This is a fantastic beer. Gald they distribute to NY now.

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