Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Easing my way to 800!

I might need MC's or Adam's help in the STD (no not an Anthony Wiener post) STD would be standard deviation within the 100 increments. I think this is my fastest between 100 increments....anyaway!

795 -Clipper City - Hang Ten - 10% Weizen Dopplebock - Or in other cases a wheat wine. Very tasty, get the Marzan taste. Too sweet!

796 - Lakefront Brewing - Biere De Garde - 7.2% - Nice Farmhouse Ale - It is actually very refereshing in the new heat wave going on. Love me some Funk!

This is why corporate America rocks!

797 - World Brews Four in Hand IPA - 6.3% - Mnaged and brewed by these folks I think this is a corporate brewer for Whole Foods...this is tasty!

798 - Widmer Brothers - Pitch Black IPA - 6.5% - This is a nice beer to drink, kind of weird that given the color you don't get the malty taste. Actually picked up this 4 pack in Bridgeport!

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