Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beer Alert!

I finally have enough in house for beer 800! I thought it would take a few weeks, then the Whole Foods opened up in Fairfield and I was able to get a mix a six of stuff I hadn't had and then I went up to Amity Wine & Spirits and found some reasonable bombers that I hadn't had...that said let the insanity continue....I think we will start off with something light....

1)Huyghe - Delirium Nocturnum - 8.5% - I know I have had this but don't have an record of it. Starts out with the raisin and plum taste and finishes with a weir metallic taste. Other people on BA noticed this as well. May just stick with the Tremens! I do need to get a couple of those snifters!

2) Berkshire Brewing - Raspberry Barley Wine Style Ale - 9% - Maybe a bit too sweet....this will hurt tomorrow.

3) Stone IRS - Belgo Anise - 10% - No... this went wrong.

4) The Hartford Better Beer Co - Arch Ale - Contract brewed by Shipyard...A little too malty for my taste....hopefully the next offering is better!

5)The Hartford Better Beer Co - Arch IPA - Drain pour.

6) Rogue - Dad's Little Helper Black IPA - 7% - Nice Stout not sure why the call this an IPA though...have not had much luck lately with the last couple of beers!

7) The Bruery - Cuir - Old Ale - 14.5% - Done screwing around, going to the heavy hitters. This is their third anniversary ale. To me its is more of a quad that is very boozy. Good though, will drink this for a bit!

8) Berkshire Brewing - Steel Rail XPA - 5.3% - May be a little too light for me. Still nice beer!

9) Stillwater - 25 to One - 8.4% - Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Not bad a little more carbonated for the style. More malt than plum or raisin taste. I will buy this again if I can!

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