Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wanted to end the day on a beer review

And so I shall

1) Harpoon - UFO Hefeweizen - I am actually at a point where I can't get enough of this style, and this is is a nice very attainable representation.

Rule Change!

If beer advocate lists it separately then so will I!

2) Great Divide - 17th Anniversary Wood Aged DIPA - 10 % - Reasonably fresh at April 29th...I am not sure about wood aged DIPA's. I think it might mellow it out a bit and dry out the hops taste. Actually not what I am really looking for. Up to Neb Co for Ghandi Bot on Saturday!

3) Anchor Brewing - Summer Ale - I haven't reviewed much by Anchor. I actually need to review my lists to quantify what I can actually get in Ct. This is a nicely malted wheat beer, not much in the way of hops. Summer is a much underrated season for beer!

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