Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Upon the 4th Beer Review

Man last weekend was not one of my stellar efforts. As an explanation (and why not an excuse as well)...on Saturday, I went to Nebco, picked up a growler of the Bot, then hit Prime 16 and Cask Republic. Polished off the growler most of Saturday and was pretty shot when it came to the new stuff!

1) Harpoon - Rich and Dan's Rye IPA - 6.9% - Nice take on the IPA Style. The Rye adds a little more flavor, maybe some balance. Overall, at 5.99 a bomber not bad!

2) Coronado Brewing - Hoppy Daze 9.0% - Belgian IPA...Nice kind of muted on the hops, do get some banana and bubble gum flavor as well. Glad I got to try it once...probably wouldn't go again!

3) Three Floyds - Arctic Panzer Wolf - 9% - I like this one. To go with the citrus this has a little white wine/apricot in the taste. Alcohol very well hidden. This one is a pleasure to drink!

4) Berkshire Brewing Co - Hefeweizen Ale - 4.5% - As I have stated I am really starting to get into this style. The banana and bubble gum notes are there a faint bit of cloves, no hops of note. Great beer and if I can believe the hype, what is next should be better!

5) New Glarus - Dancing Man Wheat - 7.2% - Thanks to a great BA for the hook-up! Poured in to a pint glass. Pale yellow/orange, nice medium head. The taste is great here, we all know the banana, bubble gum and cloves but I get some orange zest which fades into a slight alchohol burn at the end (which belies the 7.2%). This is a very good beer to drink and since I just got into the style I really lucked in to a nice acquisition!

6) Three Floyds - Blackheart - 9.0% - English IPA - A bit more citrusy than some of the other English IPA's that I have had (and that is a good thing). Very tasty. One of the better of the midwest hauls. Cheers!

7) New Glarus - Two Women - 5% Says its a lager, classified as a pilsner, who knows with this nonsense. Still a mighty tasty beer!

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