Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Finally home after a day layover in NYC. Don't mind staying over and working late as I get to hit some great bars afterwords (i.e. Tiger). Anyway have some interesting treats to unfurl!

1) Firestone Walker - Union Jack IPA - Their maiden voyage into NYC (not that I had heard of them. Not that me not hearing of them means anything!) 7.5% the taste is (nicely) strong. Nice citrus hops with a nice pineapple flavor! This is betwixt (I am going to start using that more often) a regular IPA and a DIPA. Great beer.

2) Founders Brewing - Dirty Bastard 8.3% - Founders coming to NY is going to help me get to 400 a little quicker. Picked up a growler at the great Decicco's. This is a scotch ale (which is not a favorite style of mine), but I find that I like this as the malt is not totally overpowering. This is not as dark as some of the other scotch ales I've had and it does have a bit of piney hops. Alcohol definitely present here. Great thing is I picked up six bottles of Goose Island Night Stalker!

3) Lagunitas - Wilco Tango Foxtrot - 7.8% American Strong Ale. The label says this is a Malty Robust Jobless Recovery Ale. Well you can thank B. Hussein Obama for that as he is America's first Post Industrial Age President. That said, this is a very good beer. A lot hoppier than I would have thought given the title, but the finish is pure malty caramel sweetness. Well done!

4) Mikkeller - Cascade Single Hop IPA - I like these different hop beers (I'm getting insufferable I know) - This hop is very subtle. Like it!

5) Otter Creek - Quercus Vitus Humulus - 12% Ameican Strong Ale - Very Big Beer! This is a one a night offering!

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Adam said...

"This is a one a night offering!"

More than one is doable, but makes for a long night.