Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

This has been a good beer week! Went to the Tiger on Wednesday for the Smuttynose event and had a Really Old Brown Dog. They had bottle of the legendary Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout...(had one) by the way would like to meet and thank the genius who decided aging Stout in Bourbon Barrels was a smart idea. Finished Friday at d.b.a with a Founders Porter. Heading to New England Brewery tomorrow to hopefully pick up a couple of bottles of Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Trooper. Should be an ugly Monday....away then we go!

1) Bluepoint Brewing Company - Old Howling Bastard - 10.0% BarleyWine...Very good. Very tart, might be a bit better if aged but is still very good (I know insightful review). The words on the back of the bottle says this was named after a local character. Well this made me think of the good old Golden Star! Who would be a good Old Howling Bastard! Will do a poll if I can find one of my old post that had one. Would have to include myself, Adam MC and the Gator to start. Kel-Dog would be there, Tony Tomato, Larry (Red Wine) & Freddy Zach. Hey that's not a bad list!

2) Rodenbach Grand Cru - 6% - First try of a Grand Cru - This is a Flemish Red Brown beer. The tart and sweet mix is pretty outrageous. This would be great on a hot summer day. Have another Grand Cru coming up. That has a lot to live up to now.

3) Sixpoint Craft Ales - Grand Crue - Belgian Stong Dark Ale - 12.4% - I guess not all Cru's are the same. This is totally different from the Rodenbach. I can't believe this is 12+%. This is more of a barleywine I think. I'm sure the alcohol will catch up shortly!

4) Red Hook - Tripel Belgian Style Ale - 10.2% - Very good and very smooth!

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alfred said...

Not a bad list?
Sounds like a homeland security watch-list!