Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Tried starting this last night but it didn't work! Did not plan on buying too much in the way of beer but that changed fast. Next weekend heading to D.C to see the Nat's. On the way back stopping here.
Want to pick up a beer by a Maryland brewer called DuClaw. The beer is called Collossus and is 20%. Tactical error in the making! By the way anyone hear from MC or has he been captured by a bevy of beautiful, buxom, blondes again!

1) New England Brewing - Ghandi Bot 8.8% DIPA - Picked up a growler of this just released treat this morning. Good solid DIPA, nice color, fruity and tart. I don't know where the alcohol is in this so it could get scary. Hopefully will be able to get some Imperial Stout Trooper in the upcoming weeks!

2) Mikkeller - Simcoe Single Hop 6.9% - Man this is a bitter hop. Not really all that great. Like their other single hop offerings better.

3)Pretty Things - Saint Botolph's Town - 5.9% I really like this, great brown ale. Very tasty given the ABV. too bad it's from Massachusetts! Only kidding I'm non discriminatory when it comes to good beer!

4) Allagash - Hugh Malone Ale - yuck! Drain pour!

5) Weyerbacher Blasphemy - 11.8% - I thought I had had this but I checked my spreadsheets and it was not on there. This is like a fine cognac. It is from my friend Wendy who's birthday is my favorite day (4/15). Wendy going to pick something up special in Maryland for you!

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