Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Just took in a Uconn women's game...stopped off at City Steam for a Carpenters IPA. The car keys are tucked away and now it is time to rock! That said.....

1) Rogue - John Jon Ale - Dead Guy Ale aged in Dead guy Whiskey Barrels - 6.4% - Really get the Whiskey taste here. Very carbonated almost a prickly feel in your mouth. Definitely worth a try. Says it was brewed using "free range coastal water." Gotta like that!

2) Legacy Brewing - Hoptimus Prime 9.0% - Very good standard east coast DIPA. Reading, PA might be worth a road trip. I think the Phillies have a minor league team there (no not the Mets they are in Queens!)

By the way bought a couple bottles of Goose Island's 2009 Bourbon County Stout yesterday. Have only had their 2008 so far. This bottle give a born on date of 12.18.09. I think when I first had the 08 it had aged a few more months. I am almost "fraidy scared" of trying this beast (13%) fresh. As an aside the Tiger is having a Goose Island night next Wednesday. I'm hoping to be there!

3) Troegs Nugget Nectar - Imperial Amber - 7.5% - Nice Orange pour...very sweet fruity hops. Could drink this all night long! I wonder if Harrisburg is near Reading.....oh well off to mapquest!

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