Friday, February 5, 2010

Superbowl Beer Review!

Maybe I will get a cease and desist order with that title but what the f**k! Got into a Superbowl Pool at dba and had a very good Lagunitas Gnarlywine on cask. So before the latest storm of the century approaches (can Obama provide resources so I can go to the Liquor store tomorrow) here goes:

1) Hoppin Frog - Boris the Crusher - Oatmeal Imperial Stout - I guess this should be for breakfast (although at 9.4% probably not). Finding this on tap would be fun!

2) New England Brewing - Elm City Lager - 5.0% - Great session beer light and refreshing. Could sit down and drink this all day. Picked this up as a growler at the brewery. Also, put up a couple of the fancy Sam Adam perfect pint glasses at Amity Wine and S

%pirit for 1.99 each!

3) The VerMonster - Rockart Brewery 10% - American Barleywine - Therse guys were in a bit of a sticky wicket with the Monster Energy drink folks....they won! This a great barleywine for me. Very hoppy with big alcohol presence. Think I am going to follow this up with a BigFoot!

First beer of Super Sunday!

4) Ballast Point Brewing Company - Sculpin IPA - 7.0% - Had this previously at the Tiger. Luckily found a bottle last week at DeCicco's. Test driving the Sam Adams glass don't know if it does much but like the way it looks. This is a great is a sweet IPA, bitterness is minimal (kind of sweet). I see why this gets such great reviews.

5) Nogne - Special Holiday Ale - 8.5% - Collaboration with American Brewers Stone & Jolly Pumpkin. Interesting beer.....have had the ale with spices before but this is different. Kind of like Sambuca! Good though.

6) Cigar City - Warmer Winter...Done!

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't would be a breakfast of champions!