Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Went on a bit of a road trip today to West Springfield, Mass to visit the Table & Vine. Outstanding beer selection with many items noted that are not available in CT. This place is about 20 minutes north of the CT border and is easy on/off of I91. This is a place for the Gator who is not adverse to lengthy beer junkets. That said....

1) Flying Dog - Raging Bitch - Belgian Style IPA - 8.3% - Gator explained that a Belgian IPA style has something to do with the yeast strains. Not sure I could tell the difference between this and a regular IPA but I think it is great. Also like the name!

2) Sierra Nevada - Glissade - Golden Bock - 6.4% - As usual another great beer from the godfather of American Craft Brewing. Only it is still too cold. May need to go back to a Bigfoot!

3) Opa Opa - Opa Opa IPA - 6.0% Alright...going to start in on the Table & Vine haul. I think you can get this in CT. Opa Opa was doing a tasting at Table & Vine any purchase got you a Pint Glass and a restaurant coupon. Good by me. Mild and very drinkable IPA. May go to the brewery in the spring.

4) Founders Brewing - Old Curmudgeon - 9.8% - I know you can't get this in CT. Much different than the Hair of the Dog Adam as they are both Old Ale's. This to me is a lot like a barleywine....a very nicely aged barleywine! The molasses and caramel tastes are very thick. Think I am going to put one away for a year or so. Uh oh Alcohol kicking in now!

5) The Lost Abbey - Gift of the Magi - 10% - Oh Boy...another of those breweries that I've read about and now get to try! Biere de Garde - Wow the alcohol presence is really there...some idiot on BA said this could be highly sessional, yeah right! Still though I find this very similar to a barleywine and really like it. The Lost Abbey is the nom de plume of Port Brewing in San Marcos, CA. One day I am really going to have to do a proper beer tour of CA.

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