Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Or oh God my liver hurts! Left work early today which means I hit Puffy's, Stout's, Rattle n'Hum, and the Ginger Man. Tomorrow (hopefully) going to New England Brewing to get a growler fill of Old Stock. That said.....

1) McNeill's War Lord - Nice Dry hopped beer. When I went to Table & Vine I did not realize the peoples republic of vermont was only an hour north!

2) New England Brewing - Gold Stock Ale - American Strong Ale 6.5% - There was still plenty left when I got there. Got a generous sample from Matt & we chatted for a bit while he filled my growler. The barrel aged version of Stout Trooper and the delightfully un-PC DIPA named Ghandi Bot should be coming out first weekend in April. Ghandi Bot will be available primarily at New Haven package stores while Trooper will be brewery only. Definitely going to check it out but it may be a mob scene. Back to Gold Stock, very drinkable at 6.5%. Good hoppy taste. Kind of a stronger Elm City lager. This growler will have a short shelf life!

3) New England Brewing - Atlantic Amber - 5% - Nice copper color & very tasty. This might be my favorite of their offerings. Could drink this all day (and just might!)

4) Samuel Adams - Noble Pils - 5.2% - Only the second Sam Adams beer I have reviewed...maybe it's a Boston bias. Nice light and flavorful. This would be something to have on hand for non craft drinkers to try.

5) Port Brewing - Shark Attack Double Red Ale - 9.0% - Now on to the big boys. This is part of the Table and Vine haul from a couple of weeks ago. Pours a very murky brown...Very fruity the 9.0% is hidden very well. Can't wait to get back to T&V!

6) Port Brewing - High Tide Fresh Hop IPA - 6.5% - Extremely Hoppy. Brewed with Centennial and Simcoe hops. This one would be great on cask as through countless of samples I like the hoppy IPA's on cask.


Adam said...

Bring your own growler. They won't have any.

From the N.E.B. site:

***NEWS ALERT*** Due to weather, our shipment of growlers has been delayed until Monday. If you're coming for a growler of Gold Stock- please dust off a used one or bring a plastic 2 liter bottle ( they work!) Sorry for the inconvenience.

mc said...


I've been a little out of pocket this week.

Just wanted to let you know the tubolator is the primary recreational imbibing vessel right now...enjoying it greatly!!

Thank you!

Will give you a shout tomorrow.