Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heading to the city!

All Star Fan Fest today. Then am walking from the Javits center to the Brooklyn Bridge then back to Grand Central. On the way the following establishments will be visited. List not all inclusive:

Blind Tiger Ale House
Hop Devil Grill/Belgian Room

If you see news of someone falling off the Brooklyn Bridge you'll know who.

As for the dust up on Presidential picks on my last post. Obama wants to meet unconditionally with people who would like like nothing more than to recreate the Holocaust. If that does not give you guidance as to who to vote for than I don't know what will.


Adam said...

On Iran:"Theocratic Iran continues to challenge Western democracies. Missiles designed to do in 6 minutes what Hitler did in 6 years to 6 million Jews were test fired by this radical Islamic theocracy. The Hitler of Iran has threatened to kill every Jewish person in Israel even if it costs Iran 50 percent of its population. Iran has imprisoned British sailors and sent a fleet of rubber boats against gigantic U.S. warships. Where is a strong statement from our president? Where is the bold warning against an enemy who has threatened us and our allies again and again? Nowhere. Silence and weak words are all that have come out of the White House and the West." ~Michael Savage

Adam said...

I've been to Blind Tiger and The Gingerman, both fine establishments.I've not yet been to Hop Devil, although I've heard good reports from my brethren beer-geeks.Let me know your impressions.As for the 2 Connecticut Gingermen(if they're still there), I've been told that the SoNo bar does the name justice and to avoid the Greenwich place.

Adam said...

Jimmy, when crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, remember Steve Brodie (or is it Brody?)